We define the Koksilah Valley as distinct from the political entity named the Cowichan Valley. The political Cowichan Valley is an immense slice of the southern Island and stretches from the Pacific to the Salish Sea's Strait of Georgia. Interestingly, not all of the Cowichan River Watershed is within the political entity called Cowichan Valley.

The Koksilah Valley (Koksilah watershed) is much smaller and is clearly defined by the Koksilah river and its drainage basin. Glenora is near the dividing line. To the north of Glenora is the Cowichan river and in all other directions lies the Koksilah watershed.

This large valley is still relatively unspoiled and chock-full of people who seem to love life in its many expressions. Some are newcomers and some have been here forever. Few plan to leave.

Here's a Blog with lots of information on the Valley.

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