Our goal is wines that are clearly distinctive.

One of the many advantages of selling directly to customers from around the world is that the winemaking team learns to distrust a good deal of the received wisdom about what people ought to like and to focus on the large range of what individual people actually do like.

We worry less about "the brand" and more about our ongoing relationships with individuals who share our interest in diversity and quality and experimentation.

Most wine judges are linear: they expect/assert/believe that their 95 is a 95 for the rest of the world and their 66 is also a 66 for most "well-trained" wine-lovers.

For us, making a racked, riddled, hand-degorged, well-aged, bottle fermented sparkling wine out of wild blackberries is not precisely what an MBA might suggest to a young winery eager to please Mr. Parker, but it has been great fun for us and our customers.

We pay great attention to our vineyards, but we make wines from different pickings of the same varieties in varying styles to show that there are many ways to deal with grapes in the winery and no single inevitable style determined in advance by tradition or cultism.

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pinot noir A good crop of Pinot Noir barrels

Vintages aging in oak barrels.

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