Summer 2012.

We are open and here evey day now.

June 7th-2012.
Early May gave the vineyard a great start. But early June has been damp, wet, cold or colder. We're 3/4's of the way through painting the outside of the house however, despite the cold and the vines are growing quite rapidly thanks to the early May boost.

May 1st-2012.
Making good progress on setting up appointments for the last handful of Groupon visitors. And repairing the road in after a drizzly winter. April 18th, 2012 Heading for Cadaques. Joine us on Facebook for images: Dec 22nd, 2011
Birthday party for Carles. Ada Lou and Zev got to visit the farm. Zev had a solstice bonfire. Ada Lou did her spin dance. About 1/3rd of the Gewurtz is pruned. Warren felled a large fir for the main beam in the cava: about 2400 lbs; 24" at the butt. Less than 1/2 a percent of our timber resource.

December 19th
Web site is redesigned and the changover begun.

November 6th
Wine making & bottling starting up.
Redesigning this web site.

October 30
Finished harvest. The Foch tree produced about 70 lbs; should be enough for a case. Working on the cava all month. Working on integrating website with Facebook with our Wordpress blog.

This kind of data is now going to be in a blog. Probably in this left pane of a window.
There will be about 10 blogs incorporated with the web site so that different people can edit parts of the site.



Welcome to the Godfrey Brownell Vineyard web site.

We are a 60 acre farm with 12 acres of active grape production and another 4 acres of experiments plus 30 acres of a sustainably managed forest.

We are open seven days a week now and people are having fun! cryptocurrency

We grow Chardonnay. Foch. Pinot Noir. Gamay Noir. Pinot Gris and Bacchus. On our second farm, we also grow Gewürztraminer(traminer aromatique) and a little Merlot.

In addition to grapes, we grow squash, figs, trees for timber and ornament, apples, pears and most of the vegetables we eat during the year.

At the moment, we rebuilding this web site, but all the links should still work. One addition will be a series of blogs covering: the Koksilah Valley, winemaking, vineyard description & history etc, etc.

A sample of the new Blogs is here , in a new tab. It shows information about wineries, restaurants and organizations in the Valley.

And were still having fun!

...Nuria & Friends.

...Carles & Xavi.

Laura, Sonia & Cristina.
Farewell to Carles.

Finding Bright Angel Park

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